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One-time Services and Hourly Rate

Business Rebranding & New Logo

Need a new look for your brand?
Our team of designers can revamp your company’s brand image.
The process involves selecting new base colors, optimized for the web standard, and even a completely new logo, with light and dark mode versions.

Hourly Rate

€18.99 /hour

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developers coworking

If you need an additional service that is not mentioned on this page, our team is still able to help.

Get in touch with us for a time estimate to perform the task or solve the specific problem at hand.

developers coworking



€3.99 /month
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Every website needs a domain name. This will be the link your customers use to access your website.
Included in BlackHost Premium *

* 1 domain:
.com .pt | .net | .org | .com.pt | .biz .eu .co.uk | .es | .info |

.com .pt .net .org .com.pt .biz .eu .co.uk .es .info

Daily Backups

€9,99 /mês
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Nobody likes data loss.
With BlackHost, you can automatically perform backups on a daily basis.
If an update fails or the website crashes, you can restore a previous version of your website at any time.
Backups will be performed at off-peak times to reduce the load on the server, and will be maintained for 90 days.

Included in BlackHost Premium

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Monthly Reports + Google Analytics + SEO Implementation

€12,99 /month
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Receive a monthly report with detailed information about your website, such as demographic data collected by Google™ Analytics.
Get to know your audience, as well as the most common search terms used by customers to find your website.

Our team will also analyze your website on a weekly basis to improve your ranking in the most popular search engines, thus increasing your website exposure.

Included in BlackHost Premium

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Imunify360™ Anti virus+ Daily Security Check

€9,99 /month
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To maximize your website’s protection against cyber attacks, malware and spam, we offer the Imunify360™ tool, which processes almost 500,000,000 incidents on a daily basis.
Your website will be scanned daily, and malicious files will be eliminated before they cause damage to your website.

Included in BlackHost Premium

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Weekly Software Update + Daily Performance Check

€4,99 /month
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Ensure your website is safely upgraded to the latest WordPress plugins and themes.

This is not only important for the security of your website, as many vulnerabilities are fixed in software updates, but also improves the overall performance of your website.

Additionally, this service checks the performance of your website on a daily basis.

Included in BlackHost Premium

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Discover all the services we offer:

BlackHost Standard

Web Hosting | Standard

Enjoy our fast, secure, WordPress-optimized, and feature-rich servers.
BlackHost Premium

Web Hosting | Premium

Our complete hosting package. Get the most advanced features we have to offer.
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Website Development

Our designers and programmers are here to help you develop your new website.
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Digital Marketing Services

Reach new customers with our digital marketing services.

.com .pt .org .net .eu .me .io .xyz .online .shop .biz

Other Services

Find the right domain, reinvent your logo, and more!